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Data Flow Between BigTime and Foresight

When you adopt BigTime Foresight, you will notice that your firm’s data will appear in both BigTime and Foresight. Which data should you believe? Where should you configure each data? Which location is the source of truth for each data point?

Below, you will find a collection of data divided into the following categories:

  • Staffer
  • Assignment
  • Demand
  • Project

Staffer and Project data can be configured both in BigTime and Foresight.

If you see any staffer-related data configured in Foresight, it’s suggested that you manage it in Foresight.

The following article will help you understand how data is organized between the two instances you use. Please note that your implementation manager will oversee the importation of your data during implementation.

Data Flow Between BigTime and Foresight

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