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Comparing Scheduled and Tracked Time in BigTime Foresight

Method: Custom Report

To start creating custom reports, ensure you have the appropriate user permissions to access custom reports without cost visibility restrictions. Look at this article to learn more about different permissions and accesses with BigTime Foresight

Once you have those permissions, log into Foresight in the manager role and click on the REPORTS tab in your main navigation sidebar. Then, open the CUSTOM REPORTS sub-tab. You can view, generate, or edit a custom report here.

Learn more about configuring Custom Report in this article. 

Check the values you need to manage your teams successfully. 

Below, you can find an example of what such a report might look like:

Capacity, Scheduled, and Tracked Hours:


Method: Calendar

If one person’s data is needed: Staffer’s Calendar.

Log in to the Manager Role ➡ Go to the TEAM MEMBERS Tab ➡ Select the EMPLOYEE ➡ Go to the CALENDAR Section ➡ Click GEAR Button ➡ Configure staffer’s CALENDAR as needed


When whole team’s data is needed: Team Members’ Calendar

Log in to the Manager Role ➡ Go to the CALENDAR Tab ➡ Go to the TEAM MEMBERS Section ➡ Click Add CUSTOM VIEW Button ➡ Configure Team Members’ CALENDAR as needed

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