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Your Calendar in BigTime Foresight

The Calendar window in BigTime Foresight allows you to see projects that you are assigned to, keep track of time off and holidays, and check your logged and planned hours from a daily, weekly and monthly perspective. You’ll also be able to spot days or weeks where you didn’t track time toward tasks or projects. To access your Foresight Calendar from BigTime, click the RESOURCING navigation bar tab, and then click MY CALENDAR.

Alternatively, if you’re already in Foresight, click the CALENDAR tab from your main navigation sidebar. 

In the rest of this article, we’ll explain the different views you’ll encounter in your calendar. If you have specific questions, head to the FAQ section to see if it's already been answered. 

Daily View

The daily view shows you:

  • daily capacity, 
  • logged time,
  • public holidays,
  • time off, and
  • projects you’re currently working on.

Weekly/monthly view

The weekly/monthly view shows:

  •  weekly/monthly capacity,
  •  weekly/monthly logged hours,
  •  projects you’re working on,
  •  and time off.

The biggest difference between daily and weekly/monthly views is that in future views, time off is only shown in the week/month it occurs, meaning you won't automatically see a granular breakdown of days off. To see how much time off you have, you need to hover over your time off. The weekly/monthly view also doesn’t show public holidays. To see them you need to switch to a daily view.


Settings allow you to change how your calendar looks and how it presents information. To change settings please click on the GEAR icon in the right top corner. In the settings window, you can:

  • change the view of days/weeks/months cells to small, medium, or large; 
  • change whether the calendar will auto-extend on scroll or not;
  • change the view to Planning. In the Default view, you can go back in the calendar as much as you like, but in the Planning view, you only will see the last month and all months ahead.

Every change needs to be confirmed by clicking the APPLY button. 



Can I log my time on the calendar?

No, you can see on which days you didn’t log your time in the calendar, but to log the additional time you need to use the TIME/EXPENSE tab in BigTime. Note that clicking in the Calendar on a day where you can see logged time missing will not redirect you to that specific day in the timesheet panel. The Calendar window is view only.


Can I request my day off through the calendar?

No. For this you must use the TIME OFF tab. Click here to learn more.


Can I see my other colleague’s calendars?

Employees can only see their own calendar. You need to have manager permissions if you want to see calendars for other employees. 


Can I use the Calendar to see how long I will work on my assignments?

Yes. By changing your view from daily to weekly/monthly, you can see how long your assignments will take.

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