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Add Your Skills in BigTime Foresight

Every employee added to BigTime Foresight has a profile where their skills, past experience, time off history, and other personal details are stored.  Managers can use the data on their employees’ profiles to make decisions about who should work on which projects. If employees fill out the data in their profiles comprehensively, managers will be able to quickly build teams with the right people and can start their projects. For you, this means a chance for more interesting work and assignments to projects that will allow you to pursue your professional goals. 

How can I browse skills from a given category?

When you complete your profile, you will notice that some phrases will appear in pairs, e.g. Frontend/CSS. The phrase on the left (in this example, Frontend) is the category/group the skill falls under.

To make it more efficient to add skills for an organization, a skill tree can be uploaded under the layer visible to the user. Each individual skill can be organized into a category. This will make it much easier for you to search for skills in specific groups.

Are you looking for skills within one group? Enter a group name, such as “frontend” or “backend”. The list of available skills will be limited to this specific group, so you can browse skills and technologies only related to that specific team or group.


Can I add a skill that I don't find on the list?

Of course! To do this, press the +ADD button in the search list. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to enter the name of the custom added skill.


Can I add a skill group?

Unfortunately, employees do not have such permissions. You can add a skill, but cannot assign it as a category or group. Only managers can add new skill groups.


What do the stars next to skills mean? How should I interpret them?

Stars are the rating system set by default in Foresight, with five stars being the highest level of proficiency. If your organization has used a different skill rating system so far, ask your manager what method you adopted in Foresight.


Can I change the way my skills are assessed?

Unfortunately, you cannot make modifications to the scale for assessing the level of skill proficiency. The scale will always be between one and five stars. If you have any doubts about how to assess your knowledge of a given technology or skill, please contact your manager.


Can I add a technology if it doesn’t exist in the list? 

Yes. Just type it manually into the search bar. It will be added to the list of technologies automatically.


Can I add a new seniority level? 

Only managers can add a new seniority level type, since these will then be accessible for everyone across their whole firm. 

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