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Your Time Off in BigTime Foresight

BigTime Foresight is an add-on module that provides firms with tools to more effectively manage resources. One of the perks of Foresight is the ability to request, approve and manage time off requests. Firms that use Foresight can factor vacation, PTO, parental leave, and other types of time off into employee capacity so they can allocate tasks efficiently. Employees will be able to submit their own time off requests for review and approval, so long as they have been granted permission to do so in the BigTime USER RIGHTS window. To access the Foresight time off window from BigTime, click TIME/EXPENSE navigation tab, and then click MY TIME OFF. You will be redirected to the time off screen in Foresight.

Alternatively, if you’re already in Foresight, you can click the TIME OFF tab in your main navigation sidebar.

Below, we’ll walk you through the time off window and answer some frequently asked questions.

FAQ: Time Off

How can I see whether a time off request has been accepted?  

All your correctly added requests will be displayed at the top of the TIME OFF window in a square bracket with a PENDING status label. Once a request is accepted or rejected, it moves to the table at the bottom of the window. You can check on its status scrolling down to the table and looking at the very left column in the table. After adding a request, you should find the PENDING status there. That status will change to ACCEPTED if the request has been approved. You will receive a notification both in Foresight and in your email. 


What are the application statuses and what do they mean?

In Foresight you will find five application statuses:

1. Pending: You have successfully sent your request.

2. Accepted: Your request has been accepted by your manager.

3. In progress: The time period you requested is already underway. 

4. Rejected: Your manager has rejected your request. If your request has been rejected, you can reach out to your manager to understand why.

5. Retracted: Let’s say you applied for time off, but you changed your plans. In that case, you can withdraw your request. A request that has been withdrawn will show up with a RETRACTED status.


How do I check the number of time off days I've used and how many I have left?

In Foresight, you will find information on the total number of time off requests you have sent. By default, these requests will be displayed in a yearly format. You can change years using the settings at the top right.

Unfortunately, you won’t see the number of days off you are allowed to request and use in this window. That is dependent on your firm's particular policies. If you have questions about how much time you can take off, you should consult your manager.


How can I edit or retract a time off request?

You can edit a time off request even if it’s in progress. Depending on the status of your request, there are two places you can do this. 

1. Pending: As you have already learned from this article, your request will initially be shown with a PENDING status at the very top of the Time Off Requests window. It will remain there until it is accepted or rejected by your manager. To edit a pending request, click the PENCIL icon at the top right corner of the request. Next to the PENCIL icon, you’ll see a red X icon. Click this icon to retract a request.


2. Other statuses: You can still edit your request even if it’s already been accepted or rejected by your manager, or if it’s currently in progress. To edit an accepted or rejected request, open the TIME OFF tab and scroll down to the table at the bottom of the window. Find your chosen request,  go to the last  column on the right side of the table, and click the THREE DOTS. A picklist will appear: click the CHANGE REQUEST option to make edits, or click RETRACT to retract the request. 


I’m an employee. Can I see other people’s requests?

No. This option is available only for managers. 


I want to request time off but can’t find the right vacation type. Can I add a new vacation type manually?

Unfortunately, you don't have this option. Only managers with appropriate permissions can add time off types. The list they create will be standard for the entire organization.


How can I know if my time off will be paid or not?

Time off types in Foresight don’t determine whether you’ll be paid or not during your leave. If you have any concerns, ask your manager whether you’ll get paid during your absence. 

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