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User Rights: BigTime Foresight

When it comes to managing skills, BigTime users have two options: use BigTime’s built-in skills matching tools, or adopt the BigTime Foresight resource management module. Foresight makes sense if you want a more comprehensive solution for managing allocations, calculating capacity and assigning specific skills to staffers. It has the added benefit of tracking time off requests. This means you’ll be able to factor vacation time, sick leave, parental leave and other types of time off into your staffers’ capacity. Foresight can be activated by your firm’s customer support person.

Your experience with Foresight is controlled by a number of user rights. You can find these user rights by setting up a security group, and then opening the user right category labeled BIGTIME FORESIGHT. In this article, we’ll define each user right in this category, and explain what aspects of the resource management module they each control. 

NOTE: If you choose to use the Foresight resource management module, you’ll no longer have access to BigTime’s skills matching. Since you’ll be managing skills through the module, you’ll no longer see the SKILLS category in your list of available user rights. The user right “Add/Edit team members” (located in the CLIENT & PROJECT ACCESS category) will also be hidden. Finally, the SKILLS option will no longer be listed in the dropdown menu when you click MY COMPANY in your main navigation tab.

Management Access

The user rights in this sub-category control whether certain staffers can manage details and information about other staffers. You can create a “Management” security group with some or all of these permissions turned on, and then add your team managers to that security group. Below, we’ll explain each of these user rights and how they impact the Foresight experience. 

Foresight for Managers

Allows the user to assign team members or placeholder roles to projects, view reports, and view team members’ or project calendars. To manage every project in the resource management module, you'll need the additional permission "View/Manage any project" in the Client & Project Access section turned on. If you don't have that additional user right, you'll only be able to view the list of staffers, calendars and time off.

With this permission, you can:

  • Access projects (The additional “View/Manage any projects” permission will be required)
  • Assign teams to a projects
  • Create and manage demands 
  • Access the REPORTS tab (for utilization and availability) 
  • Access the People Calendar, Projects Calendar, and Demand Calendar
  • Manage people's time off and absences

Edit any profile including assigning skills

Allows the user to edit experience, skill assignment/rate and other profile data for any staff member. This permission enables a manager with HR permissions access to a staffer’s profile. 

Manage contract capacity

Allows the user to edit a staffer’s contract capacity and contract start/end dates. If a user has been granted the “View all staffers cost” and “Manage contract capacity” user rights in addition to this one, they’ll be able to edit contract cost rates for any staffer in Foresight. 

Manage seniority types

Allows the user to add, edit or remove seniority types for their firm. Examples of seniority types include “junior”, “senior”, “regular” or “expert”. Managers can manage seniority data fields in the MY COMPANY tab in Foresight.

Manage skills list

Allows the user to add, edit or remove skills for their organization. These can be soft skills, technical skills, or language proficiencies. Managers can manage the "Skills" data fields in the MY COMPANY tab in Foresight.

Manage time off requests

Allows the user to add, edit or delete any time off requests and manage time off status.

With this permission, users with HR privileges can access and manage all time off in Foresight. They can also manage all vacations, even those taken by staffers they aren’t time off managers for.

Manage time off types

Allows the user to add, edit or remove time off types for their firm. Parental leave, sick leave, sabbatical, vacation time and PTO are all examples of time off types. Managers can manage time off types in the MY COMPANY tab in Foresight.

View/manage custom reports

Allows the user to create custom reports and view data for all projects and staffers in Foresight.

Assign project team lead(s)

Allows the user to assign team lead(s) to a project team. The team lead can access and approve timesheets, expenses, and budgets for staff assigned to a project. You can assign a team lead to a project by opening that project’s dashboard, clicking the TEAM tab, and checking off the box under the LEAD column next to the name of a staffer.

Staff Access

The Management Access rights discussed above give you power to make managerial decisions for your direct reports, but you won’t be able to make edits to some types of your own information unless you have additional Staff Access rights. For instance, if you have every Management Access right activated, you’ll be able to assign project team leads and approve time off requests submitted by staffers who report to you. However, you won’t be able to submit your own time off requests, assign yourself skills, or view your own time off calendar unless you also have the corresponding Staff Access permissions. If you want to grant administrators, managers or staffers the ability to edit their own details, these are the user rights they’ll need to have.

Edit my profile including assigning skills as a staffer

Allows the user to edit their own profile data. With this permission, they can edit their experience, skill assignments, skill rates, certification, education and other details.

View my calendar as a staffer

Allows the user to view active, reserved and draft assignments on their own calendar. If you want to grant a user this permission, they’ll need to also have all management permissions as well. The Calendar tab will be available to staffers with this permission, and they’ll be able to see their assignments of any type (active, reserved, or draft) in projects.

Request time off as a staffer

Allows the user to request time off, retract a time off request, or edit their open time off requests. Users with this permission can also check the status of their time off requests and see how many time off requests have been approved by number of days. The TIME OFF tab will be available to any staffer with this permission, and this will be where they can submit requests for time off.


Financial Access

This user rights sub-category is different from the Financial & Invoicing category in that they specifically cover financial actions within Foresight, and not in BigTime. There are two user permissions in this sub-category: “Financial access for managers” and “View all staffer costs”. Aspects of these permissions are dependent on the permissions granted in the previous two sub-categories, which we’ll explain below.

Financial access for managers

Users who have been granted this permission can view and edit all the costs and incomes for projects in Foresight.

View all staffer costs

This permission lets a user view all staffer’s associated costs on projects and reports in Foresight. A user who has this permission and the “Manage contract capacity” user right turned on can edit contracts for any staffer in Foresight. If you want to grant a staffer the ability to view cost information for only the staffers they manage, you can do so by setting them up as a Finance Manager and leaving this user right off. 

Managerial Types in Foresight: User Rights Setup

In Foresight, there are a variety of managerial user permissions you can have that determine the type of manager you can act as. There are three main types of manager types in Foresight: Project Managers (with full access), Project Managers (with read-only access), and Financial Managers. We’ll walk through each manager type here and explain what permissions each role requires.

Project Manager (Full Access)

To be a project manager with full access, you’ll need to have the "BigTime Foresight for managers" permission in Big Time. To set up a staffer as a Project Manager on one or multiple projects, it is necessary to give them the "View/manage any project" permission in Big Time. This can also be done by being set up as the Project Manager of that project in Foresight. If you want to give them full access, you can grant them all of the other management permissions available in the MANAGEMENT ACCESS sub-section.

Project Manager (Read-Only)

Project Managers with read-only access need to have the "Resource management for managers" user right activated. in Big Time. They’ll also need the "View/manage any project" permission in Big Time. 

Financial Manager

To become a financial manager, a manager must have the “BigTime Foresight for Managers”, “Edit any profile including assigning Skills”, and “Financial Access for Managers” permissions. To be able to assign a Finance Manager to a staff member, it is necessary to have “BigTime Foresight for Managers”, “Edit any profile including assigning Skills”, “Financial Access for Managers”, and “View all staffers costs” permissions.

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