How To Assign Skills to Staffers

Skills matching can help you make better resource allocation decisions by allowing you to organize staffers by skill set and delegate responsibilities more smartly. When you assign skills to a staffer, you’ll be able to tell in the future where that staffer’s expertise lies, and can point them toward tasks they’ll be the best at. Once you’ve created a skill in your skill list, you can assign it to any staffer you choose by following this workflow. 


Assigning Skills

1. First, go to your staff list by navigating to MY COMPANY…STAFF LIST from your main navigation menu. Then, click on the hyperlinked name of the staffer you’d like to assign a skill to. 

2. Now, navigate to the SKILLS tab for that staffer. This is where you’ll be able to add, manage and delete skills for the staffer in question. You can add skills one by one, or add multiple skills at once. 

3. Click the GRAY ARROW in the field under the SKILL NAME header and you’ll see a picklist with all your available skills. 

This list reflects the skills you add to your skill list, so if this picklist is blank, you’ll need to first create skills for your firm.

4. Once you select a skill in the SKILL NAME header, you can fill out the rest of the fields that follow. You can add details about the specific INDUSTRY your staffer’s skill comes from, but the CATEGORY it falls under and the skill TYPE will be pulled automatically from your skill list. If you’ve enabled ratings for your skill (see this article), you’ll be able to also add a star rating from one to five. If you’re adding a skill that has a specific expiration date, you can add that under the EXPIRE DATE column as well. Finally, if there’s a certificate or other document that you'd like to add, you can upload it under the FILE column. 

Notice how, once you add details about one skill, another row will generate below where you can add another skill if you’d like.

5. When you’re satisfied with your changes, you can click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of this window. You can now start delegating that staffer to tasks based on their skillset. 

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