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Create Timers

You can create as many timers as you'd like in BigTime. However, you can only have one timer running at once. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a timer and how to switch between timers.


Create a Timer

Follow these steps to create a timer:

1. Click the CLOCK ICON on the navigation menu.

The first time you use the timer, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:


2. Click ADD/START TIMER at the bottom-right corner of the timer box. BigTime will take you inside the timer and you’ll see the timer running automatically.


3. Add information associated with each timer you create, such as project, category, and task. This will help you stay organized. Plus, you’ll need this information when BigTime converts your timers to timesheet entries.

The fields on your screen may look different than the ones shown above, depending on how your administrator customized your settings.

4. Click SAVE at bottom-right corner of the timer window.


TIP: Pause an Active Timer

Once a timer has been started, you can pause it by clicking PAUSE TIMER.



Repeat the steps above to create additional timers.


Switch Between Timers

Create as many timers as you’d like and switch between them during your day.

Say you’re working on a project for MMM Media. But then John from ABC Studios calls unexpectedly. Sound familiar? If you need to switch between timers, here’s what you do:

Access the timer feature by clicking the clock icon on your navigation menu and you’ll be directed to your list of timers.


Then, find the timer associated with the project you need to work on and click on it. In the example below, we’ll click on ABC Studios, since we’d like to stop working on MMM Media and start working on ABC Studios.


Note: The active timer is always in red with a clock icon.

Then, click START TIMER to begin clocking time.


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