Resetting a Forgotten Password

This article walks you through resetting your password if you've forgotten it.  Note that users who just need to update their passwords can take care of that by logging into the system and following the instructions for changing your password. 

This step-by-step is only for users who can't remember their password, and it requires access to the email account you use to login. 


1. From the System Login page, click FORGOT PASSWORD. The link is right above the password field, and you'll use it to ask for a system password reset email (so you'll need to know the email account BigTime is linked to in order to continue).


2. Enter the email to which your user account is attached. Once you do, the system will send a password reset link to the email you specified.  Note: we won’t warn you if your email address isn’t found in the system, so make sure you are entering the correct email address before you click the EMAIL ME button.


3. Click the link in the email we send you. You can only reset your password if you have access to your registered email account.  If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder. Nothing? Please contact BigTime’s customer support

4. Enter and confirm your new password.  Remember that passwords need to conform to the password security rules your admin has setup for your firm.  Once you enter/confirm your new password, click SUBMIT to update your password and login to the system with it.




How long does my password need to be?

For most firms, passwords must be at least 6 characters long, and they are not case sensitive.  Other firms require “strong” passwords for all of their users. If you are a member of a firm that requires a strong password, you will need to enter at least 8 characters and you must use at least 2 of the following: an alpha character, a number and/or a special character.

Can I reuse the same password more than once?

Yes. BigTime does not prevent you from re-using a password you’ve entered previously.

What if I don’t remember my account email?

We can’t reset your password without sending a link to the email registered to your account.  If you don’t recall what that email is, then contact your company’s BigTime administrator (they can find your email in the Staff List).  If you no longer have access to the email your account is linked to, then your administrator will need to send a new user invitation to your current email address.

What if I don’t get the reset email?

Check your spam folder, make sure that emails from are not blocked or marked as spam, and then try clicking the forgot my password link again.  Note that sending a new reset email will invalidate any prior reset emails.  You can only have one active reset request at a time.

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