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Integrating BigTime With QuickBooks

You don’t have to integrate BigTime with QuickBooks, but most of our QuickBooks users do. The integration takes a few minutes (maybe a bit longer for very large data files), and you eliminate the errors that are inevitable with manual data entry. 

The process for connecting BigTime to your QuickBooks data is different depending on whether you are a QuickBooks Online user or a QuickBooks Desktop user.  This article gives you a quick idea of what to expect from either system, along with a link to more details on how to get setup for each system.


Integrating With QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online users can connect to their data directly.  You just need to follow the step-by-step below to grant BigTime access to your QuickBooks Online data and to setup the initial sync.  Once the two systems are connected, BigTime automatically looks out for changes from QuickBooks behind the scenes.

Connecting BigTime with QuickBooks Online: Step-by-Step


Integrating With QuickBooks Desktop

You'll need to pick at least one PC to act as the conduit between your QuickBooks company file and BigTime.  Once you've identified that PC, you'll use the step by step article below to download BigTime's Sync Agent program and get it setup. 

Connecting BigTime with QuickBooks Desktop: Step-by-Step


Administrator Login Needed

To setup your initial connection to QuickBooks Desktop, you'll need the file's admin username/password.  The admin needs to grant BigTime rights to see your company file's data.

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